Had my first ride outside today: took Izzy out back for a little walking trail ride.  It was a little slipperier than I expected, but not too muddy. I was surprised by how much snow there still is in places! I think Izzy remembers me burying her in snow up to her elbows last spring, so when the snow got up to her knees she took over the steering this time.

Then when we came back Spock wanted to ride, so we went over to the round bale so he could get on board and then Spock helped me school Izzy over the drainage ditch. Seriously, if there is ever a crazy cat lady trail class, Izzy and I are so ready.

On another note, we have the clinic this weekend as a good way to kick of a new season of riding! The schedule is posted on the top right of the website. I am hoping it won’t need any last minute changes, but please take a last minute look to be sure!