Lessons Dec 29 – Jan 3

I hope everyone had a great Christmas! Rob and I and the critters did, and we have appreciated the warm winter weather! Rob hauled Izzy and I to a clinic this weekend, and I will post an update on that this week!

Please remember the lesson schedule has been altered this week as many people have time off or are away, so make sure you confirm if/when you are riding…not all regularly scheduled lessons are being run this week.

Schedule so far:

Monday 2-4, and 5-6

Tuesday 10:30 and 6:30

Wednesday 5:30

Thursday 11 am

Saturday 10:30

This week will be similar to last week, with a course  that is a  combination of jumps and pole work…but this week YOU will be coming up with the course! We will school the individual exercises, but then it is up to you to come up with the best way to link the exercises together for your horse. This isn’t about speed, it is about being successful with your horse…for example with a hotter horse you may want to put a trot portion of the course in the middle to rebalance and re-settle your horse for the rest of the course.