AEF Reminder

With the new year, I would like to remind everyone to get their Alberta Equestrian Federation membership for 2015. Their memberships run on a calendar year, so get your membership now to cover you for the entire year. AEF memberships are needed for many shows, but also give you liability insurance in case the horse you own or are showing causes damage.

This year I decided to also register for their “Ride and Drive” program. I had read about it, but thought it might be more for kids…but decided to sign up anyway. Apparently you track your hours in the saddle (or driving) and get awards when you submit your hours. Not sure what the prizes are…but I figure I will finish the 2000 hour log book in about 5 years…fortunately there are many smaller achievement benchmarks along the way. In the meantime I got a nice log book and a green clicky pen.