Herd Health Time Again

I have posted a sign up sheet in the barn for the 2015 herd health program. I have booked Feb 4, 20 and 27 to get teeth done, start vaccinations and any other vet work you would like done at this time. There will be a further appointment in March to finish the vaccinations.

It is recommended that dental work be done (or at least checked) annually, and February is the best month for it as it is Dental Health Month! It is required that all horses get their E/W/T, Flu and Rhino vaccines, with Strangles and West Nile being optional. Also recommended is to get a Fecal Egg test done so that we can ensure that your horse is being treated properly for worms and we can only re-deworm the horses that needs it.

I have three appointment times booked, so pick the day that works best for you as you shouldn’t ride the same day as the work is done.

Feel free to talk to me if you aren’t sure what vaccinations or additional care you want done to your horse this February!