First Shows of the year!

In one weekend Hillside completed our first two shows of the season. On Saturday, Beaux, Jack and Rohan went to Mapleleaf Meadows for their first shows. The weather was good, the footing was dry, and once again it was a very friendly atmosphere to get horses and riders some show experience.

Jack and Beaux both did classes from the 3″ class, to the 2’0″ hunter class. By the end both horses (and likely riders!) were pretty tired, but Beaux came home with two red ribbons from the pole class, and Jack a 5th in a jumping class. Rohan and I did the cross poles as well, but we were unjudged…Rohan did great though!

Rohan also competed in training level dressage: we didn’t go early enough to school in the arena so his first sighting of their indoor arena was his first class. He wasn’t sure about the flowers or sunspots around the edges! Still he did very well, and scored a 63% in his first test, and 70% in his second test, which was enough for a first.

On Sunday we took Duncan, Zander and Izzy to Killerney. Izzy just went to hang out: I figured that was the only way I would have time to ride her. Zander and Duncan went in the 2’3″ divisions. Unfortunately there was an unexpectedly frightening jump: white rail with a driftwood log underneath. In warm up, pretty much all the horses that hadn’t done the 2’0″ needed strong convincing to go over it!

Zander got over his fear of  the log and managed to place 5th, 4rth and 1rst in their three classes. Unfortunately Duncan was  scandalized by this unique jump and wasn’t able to accept that it was supposed to be there!

So be prepared for some “natural” looking jumps in upcoming lessons!

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