Barn Rules

Updated April 2017

 General Rules

  • The barn is open from 8am to 9:45pm. No new arrivals after 9pm. If you must come out outside of operating hours, please pre-arrange.
  • No smoking ANYWHERE on the property.
  • No riding in or through the barn.
  • No OPEN SHOES with bare feet -other than when walking from your car to the washroom to change. This includes sandals, flip flops and crocks. THIS INCLUDES YOUR GUESTS.
  • If you break something, or notice something is broken, please let us know with a note on the white board, a text or a phone call.
  • Check the whiteboard daily for important notices.
  • We are not responsible for lost or stolen items. You are responsible for putting away and storing your own items. We highly recommend labeling all items.
  • Please do not leave food in your locker unless sealed securely.
  • Any visitors (non boarders) must be kept under supervision at all times. You are responsible for their safety and their actions. People under 16 must have ADULT supervision at all times.
  • Please ask before bringing your dogs to our property.
  • Dogs are NOT allowed in riding arenas (even ours).
  • Please help keep the dogs and cats safe from horse hooves by moving them if needed, and by discouraging them from mooching pellets around the horses.
  • Do not feed the dogs, cats, or horses that are not yours, without prior permission.
  • Do not ride in areas with loose horses.
  • Do not turn your horse out in a paddock other than its own without prior permission.
  • Remember this is a family friendly facility and act accordingly.
  • Turn off washroom, arena, and tack room lights when not in use. Barn and outside lights can be left on from 4pm until closing.
  • DRIVE SLOWLY everywhere on property! Dogs, cats and other critters don’t know to avoid you. Think about how badly you would feel if you hurt one of our pets.
  • Hay sheds, farm equipment and mechanical room is off limits.
  • In the winter, barn doors must be kept closed to keep the barn warn. In the summer, please keep in mind the south side can get quite warm: leaving the south door open on hot days will make the barn hotter.
  • We are trying to do more recycling. Feed bags, clean plastic, and mixed paper can be put in the north end stall for recycling.
  • Please put all hoof trimmings in the GARBAGE so the dogs do not get them. This also applies to any food items that may interest the dogs.
  • Clean up after yourself in the barn and tack room. Please try not to leave items on the barn or tack room floor while you ride unless you don’t mind them being moved or potentially stepped on.




Arena Rules

  • A signed release form is required for anyone riding at Hillside. Children (under 18 years old) must have a release for signed by their legal guardian.
  • Clean up manure (in indoor arena) as soon as possible.
  • Be mindful of pedestrians in the arena! (including cats). DO NOT WHIP your horse when passing a human, or pass by closely without knowing they are aware of our intended action.
  • Try not to let your horse pee in the indoor arena (other than corners). If your horse does pee, rake the area immediately to prevent a slippery spot.
  • Rake smooth disturbed areas if your horse rolls.
  • DO NOT leave horses unattended in either arena. You will be responsible for any damages.
  • There is NO lunging during lessons. You may ride during lessons, but students have the right of way. Respect that novice riders may not know proper passing procedures.
  • Adult boarders may jump their own horses outside of lessons. Riders may NOT jump non-owned horses without instructor supervision. It is not recommended to jump if there is nobody around (for safety reasons). Make sure you stay in your comfort zone when riding outside of lessons.
  • Do not assume a line of jumps is set the same as it was in your lesson, or correctly for your horse. You are responsible for making sure jumps are set suitably and safely.
  • The outdoor arena must be dry to be ridden in. If you notice there are wet spots or that you are disturbing the base, DO NOT CONTINUE RIDING IN THAT AREA.