Lesson Schedule

Boarders and lease riders are welcome to ride during scheduled lessons providing they give lessons the right of way. Lunging is not permitted during lesson times without prior permission.

There are no lesson on Fridays and Sundays other than in special circumstances such as clinics and fun days, which will be announced well in advance. There is no jumping from Saturday afternoons until Tuesday mornings.

Monday:          Dressage from 1-4. Evening lessons available

Tuesday:       5:00 Lesson Available

6:30 Jumping Lesson

7:30 Low Jumping Lesson

Wednesday:   10:00 Jumping Lesson Available

11:15 Flat Lesson

      12:15 Lesson Available

                              5:30 Low Jumping Lesson

 6:30 Jumping Lesson

                              7:30 Jumping Lesson

Thursday:      5:30 Low Jumping Lesson

                              6:30 Jumping Lesson

7:30 Flat lesson

Saturday:       9:00 Jumping Lesson Available

10:00 Jumping Lesson

11:15 Flat Lesson

12:15 Flat Lesson