ESI Jane Stone Clinic

The Equitation Science Clinic will cover the Principles of Learning Theory, and instruct on the basic commands that are the building blocks for a confident and obedient horse. All participants will receive hand outs covering the basic theories of Equitation Science including the horse’s nature, how the horse learns, conflict, and the principles of training.

In the In-Hand portion will cover training responses: Go, Stop, Head Control, and Yield. Also covered will be how to use In-Hand training to address Problem Behaviours, such as difficulty loading, clipping, standing for the vet and so on. Specific behaviours may be able to be addressed, however this clinic is not suitable for a horse with extreme/dangerous behaviour. Horses do not need to be rideable to be in the In-Hand portion.

The ridden portion will cover training responses: Go, Stop, Turn, and Yield. This is suitable for all levels of horses, providing they are safe to ride at walk and trot. Green horses will work on basic attempts, while more advanced horses will use the basic skills to achieve more advanced movements. The group lessons are not suitable for horses with extreme/dangerous behaviour, but private sessions may be arranged.

This clinic is arranged with the In-Hand portions scheduled for Friday evening, however we may be able to have an In-Hand session on Saturday morning. Auditors are able to participate with a Hillside owned horse if they wish.

Ridden Introductory sessions are scheduled for Saturday morning, and will be grouped accordingly to experience level, and will have up to 6 horses per group, and be approximately 90 minutes. Riders must participate in the In-Hand portion to participate in the ridden sessions.

Riders who wish to complete another session, and work on more advanced exercises can participate in an additional ridden group lesson on Sunday. This will be a smaller group, and be approximately 60 minutes.


  • $40.00 – Auditor (all three days, except private sessions) 
  • $60.00 – In Hand Session + Auditor
  • $100.00 –  In Hand Session + Saturday Ridden Session + Auditor
  • $140.00 – In Hand Session + Saturday & Sunday Ridden Sessions
  • $100.00  – Private Session (ridden or in hand). Per hour.
  • Please inquire if you wish to arrange a semi-private session with a friend.