Foals of 2019 & 2020

Division B: Foals of 2019 & 2020

Judge TBD. Likely Janet Henderson.

Entry Fee: $16.00 for Canadian Competitors, $18.00 (CND) for other competitors to cover additional shipping costs of awards.

Videos Due July 1

Late entries accepted up to June 30 for an additional $4.00.
Once your entries are received, you will receive a receipt with information on how to submit your video (s).

An opportunity to show off your babies! Will be split by breed/type if entries warrant.

1) Foals of 2020: can be led or loose. Dam may be present. Please show at walk & trot…or whatever they decide to do,

2) 2019 Yearlings : Please show at walk & Trot, and in halt from front, back, and both sides. Present in a style/pattern suitable for your horse’s breed.

Please present all the elements in one video that is under 120 seconds. Editing is allowed.

Mini Rosettes to 5th. Prizes for “Best of Breed” winners for breeds that have more than five entrants. Classes with more than 10 horses will be split by breed/type.

Foal Entry Form