Combined Driving

Division C: Combined Driving

**Entries due June 25 ***

Judge: Diane Goyette

Videos Due July 3, 2020

Late entries accepted up to July 2, for an additional $4.00.

Once your entries are received, you will receive a receipt with information on how to submit your video (s).

1P) Driven Dressage: ADS 2020 Tests 1 & 2 of any level may be used. Competitors can do up to two consecutive levels, and up to 4 tests total. Please ask for permission to use any other tests. Presentation will be judged on the move.  .  Entry Fee: $26.00

2) Cones Skill Competition: Set up 5-7 cone obstacles set up suitably for your level. To be judged on drivers skill, reinsmanship, and efficiency in completing a cone course. Please keep the video to under 150 seconds.  Entry Fee: $16.00

Video must not be edited from start to finish – you can trim ends as needed. Please be sure to start your dressage video when the driver enters at A, and stop when the driver moves off after the final halt. Try to video from A.

Please follow ADS rules. Exception: Horses may use brushing boots and/or bell boots in all classes.

 Prizes will be awarded to top competitors.

Driving Entry Form