English Dressage

Division D: English Dressage –

Entry Fees for Tests: $26.00 per test

Entry Fees for Classes 3-6: $16.00 per class.

Videos Due July 5

Late entries accepted up to July 4, for an additional $4.00 per class.

Once your entries are received, you will receive a receipt with information on how to submit your video (s).

Judge: Janet Henderson. May add a second (EC or USEF) judge if entries warrant. Will try to ensure competitors are seen by both judges.

1P) Junior Rider English Dressage. CADORA tests 1 & 2 or Make your Own*
a. Walk Trot
b. Training Level
c. First Level
d. TOC

2P) Senior Rider English Dressage. CADORA Tests 1 & 2 or Make your Own*
a. Walk/trot
b. Training Level
c. First Level
d. TOC

3) Junior Horse Dressage Suitability (horses 3-5 years old): Walk, trot, canter (both leads). Showing working gaits. Judged on horse’s movement and suitability for dressage. Video under 90 seconds

4) Dressage Suitability (horses 6 and up): Walk, trot, canter (both leads) Show your horse’s best gaits (extensions and collection optional). Judged on horse’s movement and suitability for dressage. Video under 120 seconds.

5) Leg Yield Extravaganza: Show your horse leg yielding at trot both left and right. Please video from the front. Video under 120 seconds

6) Lateral Showcase: Show your horse performing shoulder in left and right, and travers left and right. Can be done on or off the track/fence. Please video from the front. Video under 120 seconds.

*Make your Own Test: As USEF/EC will not allow online usage of their tests, you can design your own test with the requirements for that level. Music not allowed. Test will be judged similar to Freestyle tests. Your test can closely mimic an EC/USEF test, but please try to have at least one difference.

ALL Dressage tests can be read (even Make your Own). They should be filmed from C, but if that is not possible, please film from E or B. Please film from the time the horse enters at A, until the move off from the final salute. Do not edit the video (other than to clip the beginning or end), and please leave original sound. Voice rules apply, and no outside coaching.

If classes 3-6 have more than 10 entrants, they may be split in a suitable manner at management’s discretion, with an overall “champion” of the class.

Dressage Classes will be scored with scores and comments emailed to competitors. These classes do not have ribbons, but will have awards. Please view the Awards section for more details.

As well as class placements, to encourage all breeds to try dressage, there will be Best of Breed to awards for the following breeds if they have at least five entrants in any level of dressage:
• Morgan (Part or Purebred)
• Arabian (Part or Purebred)
• Saddlebred (Part or Purebred)
• Thoroughbred
• Quarter Horse/Appaloosa/Paint (Stock breeds)
• Ponies


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