Western Dressage

Division E: Western Dressage –  

Judge: Wayne Quarles – A second WDAA judge will be added if entries warrant, but we will try to ensure all competitors are seen by both judges. Wayne is a WDAA judge, eligible to judge up to and including Level 1 for points.

Class fees: Tests: $26.00 per test. A horse can enter two consecutive levels. You can enter the same test more than once, but must submit Unique videos for each entry. There is no limit to how many tests you can enter.

Classes 3-6: $16.00 per class.

Videos Due July 5 2020. 

Late entries accepted up to July 4, for an additional $4.00 per class.

Once your entries are received, you will receive a receipt with information on how to submit your video (s). 

WDAA tests can be found here:

1P) Junior Rider Western Dressage. WDAA tests 1 & 2 to be used. *
a. Introductory
b. Basic Level
c. First Level
d. TOC
2P) Senior Rider Western Dressage. WDAA Tests 1 & 2 *
a. Introductory
b. Basic Level
c. First Level
d. TOC
3) Junior Horse Western Dressage Suitability (horses 3-5 years old): Walk, jog, lope (both leads). Showing working gaits. Judged on horse’s movement and suitability for western dressage. Video under 90 seconds
4) Western Dressage Suitability (horses 6 and up): Walk, jog and lope both leads) Show your horse’s best gaits (extensions and collection optional). Judged on horse’s movement and suitability for western dressage. Video under 120 seconds.
5) Leg Yield Extravaganza: Show your horse leg yielding at trot both left and right. Please video from the front. Video under 120 seconds
6) Lateral Showcase: Show your horse performing shoulder in left and right, and travers left and right. Can be done on or off the track/fence. Please video from the front. Video under 120 seconds.

Dressage tests can be read.. Please film from the time the horse enters at A, until the move off from the final salute. (exception, if you are entered for WDAA points, please read the WDAA rules at the bottom of the page for their video rules). Do not edit the video (other than to clip the beginning or end), and please leave original sound. Voice rules apply, and no outside coaching.

** If you are entering to earn WDAA points, you MUST follow WDAA rules.  Only Intro to First Level are eligible to be used for points. If you wish to compete in a higher level for points, please let me know and I will try to secure a judge that is rated to judge higher levels.  Please read the complete rules at the bottom of this page. **

If classes 3-6 have more than 10 entrants, they will be split in a suitable manner at managements discretion. Classes 3-6 do not qualify for WDAA points, and are not WDAA recognized classes.

Dressage Classes will be scored with scores and comments emailed to competitors. Please view the prizes section for more information on prizes/awards.

To encourage all breeds to try western dressage, there will also be Best of Breed to awards for the following breeds if they have at least five entrants in any level of dressage:
• Morgan (Part or Purebred)
• Arabian (Part or Purebred)
• Saddlebred (Part or Purebred)
• Thoroughbred
• Warmbloods (any registry)
• Ponies


General Entry Form

WDAA RULES: Use arenas that are as near as possible to regulation size and be sure letters are set appropriately to be viewed by the judge. Cones with large letters on them and poles on the ground to delineate the corners are acceptable. For arena measurements please visit this link, https://westerndressageassociation.org/western-dressage-arena/
◦Videos of tests must be unedited from start to finish, including the equipment, attire, and bit check. They must be one continuous recording.
◦Videos must be filmed in LANDSCAPE orientation.
◦After entering the arena, prior to beginning the test, a sign must be held up showing the name of the show, date of the show, horse’s name, class # and test. Remove the sign just before beginning the ride. Please make sure that all information is clear and easy to read for the judge. The videographer can hold the sign then move back to behind the camera or hold the sign in front of the camera at arm’s length while also holding the camera.
◦Keep the horse in frame paying close attention to the near corners. You may zoom in slightly on the far corners.
◦Make sure to keep the letters in the frame that are elements of the test being performed.
◦Ridden tests may be submitted to ONLY ONE online show. A video of a test/ride from another competition that has already been judged must be eliminated. Any video suspected of having been filmed during another competition will not be scored.
◦As soon as the test is finished, the camera must circle the horse and rider showing all equipment and attire.
◦Following equipment check, the rider will dismount and drop the bit so it can be recorded. NOTE: hold the bridle for the check so as not to obscure the curb strap or curb chain, make sure the judge can see all parts of the bridle clearly.
◦The test must be videoed from C, where the judge would normally be seated.
◦The test may be called.
◦Coaching during the test is not allowed.
◦The natural background sound for the test must be audible. Tests with no sound at all will not be accepted.
◦Bridle or saddle pad numbers are not allowed.
◦Exceptional riders are exempt from the drop bit requirement at online shows.