General Show Rules.

Online Show Rules:

This show uses the Equestrian Canada Rules with the below exceptions.

Competitors outside of Canada, may defer to their home association rule: please note if you are using different rules than EC. Please note, I could not find tangible differences between EC and USEF rules that would affect online showing.

1) Show clothes is not required, but please consider that the judge needs to be able to see you clearly in equitation classes or in dressage. Braiding not required.  Neatness counts.

2) Safety equipment that does not alter the horse’s way of going are allowed in classes, including, but not limited to: safety stirrups, neck straps and “oh shit handles”. Helmets are recommended, and are required by juniors and in jumping and dressage classes. Footwear with a visible heel are required in all ridden classes other than bareback classes.

3) Bell boots and brush boots allowed in all classes. *Exception: In Western Dressage  you must follow WDAA rules, which do not allow boots. Polo wraps are allowed.

4) Other equipment designed to improve the comfort of the horse, but that does not hide movement, is allowed, including, but not limited to, fly veils and nose nets.

5) Video quality is important. If the judge can’t see a movement or gait clearly, it cannot be scored. You will not be eliminated, but will receive a lower score.  Please try to video in landscape mode: so video is wider than tall. Zooming in and out is recommended if able to be done smoothly.

6) In pattern classes, the video must be continuous. These classes will be denoted with a “P”. All other classes can have minor editing, but please make sure to show all required gaits AND transitions. Try to make your video flow as much as possible though: the less editing the better.

7) Please try to show required movements as efficiently as possible. It will be up to the judge’s discretion to judge after time allowed.

8) Please leave original sound in the video. No obvious outside coaching please.  Patterns/tests may be read/orated.

9) Dressage classes: Please try to have you dressage ring set as close as possible to regulation size, but we acknowledge that this may not be possible for all competitors: just do your best. Markers must be set to mark the relevant letters, although visible letters are not needed. A ring parameter (dressage ring) is recommended, but not required. Suggestions for DYI letter markers: pylons, flower pots, upside down buckets, garden gnomes or? We are judging your test, not your facilities.

10) Bitless: All western dressage tests and classes can be ridden using WDAA approved bitless options. All Jumper and Eventing classes,  and Hunter Equitation classes can be ridden bitless as well.

Remember: the intent of this show is to be educational and fun. We are hoping to encourage new competitors, encourage competitors to try something new, and to give experienced competitors an opportunity to be judged by judges from outside their area, at a reasonable cost.

Do you have questions? Forward all questions to our show steward: Karen Nelson, at