This week in lessons

This week in lessons we will be doing a little work on haunches in, so lead changes over a center jump, and more jumping at angles.

Haunches in is a useful exercise for jumping horses, as it teaches them to support their weight through turns by using their hind quarters rather than falling in on their shoulders. We will be practicing the haunches in at the trot this week, and at the canter next week. At the trot we will do a small circle, and then just before the horse finishes the circle the rider will add additional outside leg behind the girth to hold the horse’s hip off the track as it travels down the long side. The rider should keep their inside leg at the girth, and use it to encourage bend through the rib cage and forward motion. The hands should keep the head and neck pointed down the track and the reins should stay parallel to the wall. This is best done sitting with a collected trot.

And now some pictures of Izzy and kitty…


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