Sunny Days!

I am hoping we can lesson outside this week, so come prepared! A light rain will not stop me, so dress for the weather. If the wind is too strong we will be inside though, but otherwise plan to be OUT. Sunglasses may be wise.


The first outing of the year…

The Central Alberta Western Style Dressage Association held their first Schooling day of the year at Fultonvale Arena this past weekend.  The weatherman forecast wind, but  thought we could beat the wind by going earlier. I was wrong. And you know what? Riding green horses outside for the first day of the year in the wind is perhaps not the best idea. Particularly when there are banging metal shutters, gates that won’t stay closed, and trees falling in the forest (with horses there to hear them). Fortunately Dani was too busy peeing and flirting with the boys to be too bothered, but Friday thought it was quite exciting…at least he looked good.

If anyone is interested in trying western dressage, just let me know. They are holding some online (video submission) shows this year that might be fun to enter!

DSC_2106 DSC_2097 DSC_2092 Dani_WD_April12 DSC_2095