Week 3 – Winter Break exercises

If your horse is like mine, they are perhaps a little more excitable this week for some reason! So this week, please just make sure to stay safe!

This week’s exercises is very simple, and all about control. Canter a pole and halt on your line of travel.

You can do this on a straight line, or on an arc/circle.

With Scotch, the tricky part was convincing her the pole was not exciting, but the halt was easy and correct (albeit, not always stationary). As she struggled to be straight to the pole, I did some counter canter or counter flexion to help with straightness.

With Midas, he tends to lose some balance at poles, so I didn’t rush to ask him to halt, I stayed off his back in two point on the way there, over, and a couple strides after before asking for the halt. With him, I just wanted to get the halt before we hit the end of the arena, and I upped the difficulty by changing from a more collected canter/short distance, and a hand gallop/forward distance, while still getting the halt before the end of the arena.

Have fun and stay safe!