Blanket tips!

Some blanket adjustment tips! An improperly adjusted blanket can be unsafe, uncomfortable, or not as warm as it could be. Here are some tips to making your blanket as safe and suitable as possible!

  1. Always make sure your horse is safely controlled when you adjust, add, or remove a blanket. Doing blanket changes or adjustments to a loose horse can be very unsafe! All it takes is a spook, strong wind, or even a little static shock to have disastrous consequences.
  2. Front closures. My preference is to do up the front first, and undo it last, but this is just my preference as I know Pony Club teaches the opposite! I prefer this as I don’t want the blanket sliding back around their legs if things go wrong!
  3. If your blanket uses clips on the front, always make sure the clip is clipped so the open side is against the horse, otherwise you run the risk of the clip accidentally becoming clipped to the fence or another horse! Yes, the risk is minor, but better to be safe!vs
  4.  When doing up belly band straps, have them adjusted so that they are of equal tightness when the blanket is straight. You should be able to snuggly fit a fist sideways under the straps. Any tighter and they will be too tight when your horse lays down or if he takes a deep breath. Any looser and you run the risk of a leg getting caught in the  blanket OR of the wind pulling the blanket up off his back like a parachute (brrr!).
  5.  Leg straps: A blanket either needs a tail strap OR TWO leg straps. One is not enough! It is important to only use leg straps that are in good condition. Leg straps that have lost their stretch aren’t going to do as good a job.  Leg straps can be crossed, but I prefer the link method. Both methods keep the straps from rubbing the legs, but the link method pulls back against the blanket rather than away, and is less likely to damage the blanket. Try to ensure they are adjusted equally – they look uneven in this photos as I have his tail and blanket pulled out of the way to one side. Always make sure  any  clips  are  closed  properly  as  well:  dirty  or  old  clips  don’t  always  close  properly  on  their  own.
  6. Before taking the blanket off, it is a good idea to do the leg straps back up to the blanket, so the loose straps aren’t going to swing around and hit the horse when putting the blanket back on! This also keeps the leg straps from dangling on the ground when the blanket is hung up.7.  If your leg straps are regularly coming undone, replace them! They aren’t expensive, and it isn’t worth the risk to your horse, your blanket or to the person who tries to fix them to keep old straps in use.