Midas – 16.3 hand, 2014 Jumper

Midas: 8 year old, 16.3 hand, sport bred Saddlebred (not registered, but I have his breeding information and baby pictures).

Currently located near Ardrossan. Indoor and outdoor arena available for try outs.

Passed a vet check in 2019 – records available.

Barefoot (never been shod) and lives outside 24/7 with his buddies. Good on pasture or hay. Currently on free choice hay. Loves attention – super easy to catch. A little distractable when in the barn by himself, but fine to ride solo.

He has been developed by me, specifically for me – I have neurological deficits and cannot ride a horse that pulls, needs nagging or has uncomfortable gaits. This boy is very easy on his rider!

Has jumped a 3’6” oxer. He is careful with good form, and he feels like a horse that could definitely do bigger with correct, progressive training.  He doesn’t care about crooked approaches or awkward distances to jumps.

He is naturally light in the bridle and understands self carriage. He is good off leg, and does a good leg yield and shoulder in. Easy to ride gaits – not a physically demanding ride.

I love this horse, unfortunately a recent injury, coupled with my existing health issues, means I will not be riding any time soon, if at all, and am selling my personal horses. This is a very hard decision as he was a dream come true for me!

I unfortunately did not get any recent photos or video of me on him prior to my injury, but have some current video with a trainer helping me sell him, and some of me on him from 2021.

2023 Canter with junior rider (changes over a pole)

2023 Western Obstacles

2022 Flat Video with a NEW rider (first ride for them):

2022 Jumping Video Oct 21. 

2022 Jumping Video Oct 28

2022 Jumping Video with Junior Rider Dec 7

2021 Videos:

Prix Caprilli: https://youtu.be/sU30v8T2u3w

Bridleless riding: https://youtu.be/NUtYIce2JLg   https://youtu.be/S_Qw4icxMvo

Open to reasonable offers in the lower five figures. Midas needs a home with a rider that wants to develop his skills – He LIKES being ridden/in work, and likes learning new things!  Sale includes his blankets, bridle, girth, saddle pads and brush boots. His custom close contact saddle is available to purchase as well.